Vision Express

Vision Express: fighting retinoblastoma together

Vision Express has been a proud partner of CHECT since 2010 and has played an invaluable role in helping us to raise awareness of retinoblastoma (Rb), as well as generating significant funds to support our work. We are extremely grateful for this support.

Here are just some of the many ways in which Vision Express helps us:

• Generates funds for CHECT by offering free glasses repairs and MOTs at all its stores in exchange for a charity donation.
• Raises awareness of the signs and symptoms of Rb by distributing our leaflets.
• Helped us to develop and implement an Opticians’ Protocol, eliminating any possible delays in children being examined by an optician.
• Supports us during World Rb Awareness Week in May, championing our campaigns and holding fundraising events at Vision Express stores across the UK.
• Invites CHECT ambassadors as special VIP guests during store opening ceremonies.
• Staff at local stores and at the main Support Office get involved in fundraising through organising and taking part in sponsored events in their community, including the popular Ride 4 Sight event in September.

The money raised by generous Vision Express staff and customers has enabled us to improve the support we offer to families affected by Rb and invest in new research projects, which could improve diagnosis and treatment options in the years to come.

This year we are working with Vision Express to develop a training module for all its opticians so that they are better equipped to detect Rb. We are very excited about the potential impact this could have on helping to improve early diagnosis of Rb in the future.

Book an eye test

Most people are advised to get their eyes tested once every two years. As well as other eye conditions such as glaucoma, macular degeneration and cataracts, an eye examination can also detect high blood pressure and diabetes. Vision Express has carefully amended its children’s eye test so that the process is fun.

Eye tests are free for children under the age of 16 at all opticians – but if you would like to have your child’s eyes tested at Vision Express you can book an appointment here.