Our most recent CHECT family day out on 25th January was at Discover Children’s Story Centre in London, an immersive world of play and storytelling.

Members’ days are a great way to meet other families who are or have been affected by Rb and to nominate your child for a CHECT Champion Award. We had 14 families attend and seven children who were presented with CHECT Champion Awards for their outstanding bravery coping with the impact that cancer has had on them and their families.

Our latest CHECT Champions are: 

  • Clark Northfield
  • Natalie Slavkova
  • Laura Slavkova
  • Kaloyan Iliev
  • Seb Burrell
  • Lily Jordan (unable to attend on the day)
  • Adam William Xuereb (unable to attend on the day)


London Members’ Day photo gallery:

We’re very grateful to professional photographer Kathleen Holman who volunteered her time to join us for the day and take these wonderful pictures.