Living with an artificial eye

By Dr Deanna Gibbs, Research Consultant for Nursing, Midwifery and Allied Health Professionals at Barts Health NHS Trust and Principle Investigator of the research project. From reports and feedback from parents, we recognised that there was a...

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A common bond

Friendships forged out of shared experiences, particularly those which involve hardship, are often the ones which endure the test of time. Retinoblastoma was the catalyst for one such alliance when, in 1977, three families found themselves...

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A step back in time

Recent investigations of hospital and other historical records by member Iain Riddell show how cases, treatment and discussion of retinoblastoma, then known as ‘glioma of the Retina’, can be traced back to Victorian times… “The earliest likely...

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Sailing away

The Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust, which runs sailing trips for children and young people who have, or have had, cancer has reserved two places for the Childhood Eye Cancer Trust in 2018. CHECT Champion Ernie Brown, 10, who has taken part in two...

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Rb Week 2018

It's World Retinoblastoma Awareness Week from 13-19 May 2018 and we've launched our latest media campaign to raise awareness of retinoblastoma among parents and healthcare professionals. The campaign features little Harley Shevill, from...

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Global’s Make Some Noise

The Childhood Eye Cancer Trust has received an incredible donation of £93,000 to help support families affected by retinoblastoma (Rb). The grant, which will be awarded over two years, was donated by Global’s Make Some Noise, after we were...

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‘She just bounces back every time’

She’s only 16 months old but horse lover Felicity Bone is already fearless when it comes to her four legged friends. “When she goes for a ride she refuses to get off,” her proud mum Charlotte Salisbury says. “She just loves horses – I imagine...

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How do you want to hear from us?

A new piece of EU legislation is coming into effect later this month, the General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR. This is bringing the biggest change to UK data privacy laws for 20 years. Here at CHECT we want to make sure that we have an...

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