Childhood Eye Cancer Trust member Jane Harrison, rose to the Tough Mudder challenge to raise vital funds for the trust. Jane takes us through her adventure.

Well I completed Tough Mudder this weekend…

CHildhood Eye Cancer Trust - Tough Mudder

Jane with her team after their extreme challenge!

10.6 miles in the toughest terrain in the UK of all the Mudders held (an officials words not mine). The first obstacle we slid into an ice bath where you went under water, it took your breath away and disorientated you for a minute. I then crawled through tunnels on my front with tear gas (not the real stuff but still hard to see through), tunnels with water on a membrane on top of you pressing heavy on your back, through swamps, into trenches filled with water up to your waist, made a human ladder with my 4 team mates to go up and over a pyramid, down sewer pipes into 5ft of water, waded through streams waist height, carried team mates alternating turns, up and over bales of hay, under scramble nets, through mud on your elbows nearly kissing the mud under barbed wire, carried logs, up walls, down a hill on my bum like a slide as it was safer than running down, ran up and over a vertical wall a mile from the end and finished with shock therapy (electric shock wires 10,000 volts) which nearly knocked me off my feet!

Childhood Eye Cancer Trust - Tough Mudder

Jane after the event celebrating with a well earned glass of wine!


We (my team and I) managed it in 3 hours 40 minutes with a little queuing for obstacles (started 8.40am finished 12.20pm). It was tough but not as bad as I had expected, my motivation was my daughter Olivia who was diagnosed with retintoblastoma at 4 months old and subsequently lost an eye. This hasn’t held her back as she is an energetic 6 year old who takes part in all sporting activities.  I’d do it again in a heartbeat!

I have bruises (OCR Kisses or Mudder Medals as I am advised they are called) on my knees and thighs but they are worth it.. My team were amazing and so were the others on the course and the volunteers and spectators were too!

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