Vision Express store manager Dean Alldis has set himself a mammoth challenge in 2021 to raise money for the Childhood Eye Cancer Trust (CHECT) – to complete 50,000 squats within a year.

CHECT, a national charity supporting those affected by the rare childhood eye cancer retinoblastoma, ran a fundraising campaign in January 2021 challenging supporters to complete 2021 squats by the end of the month and to raise £150 for the charity in the process.

Not content to merely complete the challenge, Dean has tripled both targets, completing 6063 squats and raising £575 so far. Now Dean has now pledged to continue the challenge for the rest of the year and has set himself the new target of 50,000 squats by the end of December 2021!

Dean has been a long-term supporter of CHECT. In 2014 he cycled 5,500 miles over ten months, to raise £8,000. In the same year he attended the CHECT Members Weekend as a volunteer, and helped to give out ‘CHECT Champion’ awards to young children affected by retinoblastoma.

Dean said: “I was lucky to spend a weekend with these kids and can honestly say it changed me completely – all positive. It was a privilege to just see how they cope. When I saw the 2021 Squats challenge, it was easy to get involved as CHECT is a charity I feel I want to support. After completing a 5,500 mile cycle challenge six years ago for CHECT, I thought how can you push the 2021 squats in January a little further? Why not go all through 2021 and see if I can keep up the volume of squats – but more importantly, raise awareness for the charity. Therefore, a target of 50,000 squats in 2021 is what I have set out to achieve, and to also help raise as much money as possible. Here’s to the next big challenge!”

Patrick Tonks, Chief Executive of CHECT said: “For just over ten years now, Vision Express has been a wonderful supporter of CHECT, and in the process many of the staff across the UK have become very personally involved, giving the charity huge individual support with many becoming great friends. We are so grateful to Dean for setting himself this massive challenge, and – knowing his grit and determination as we do – have no doubt he will achieve it!”

Lisa Cooper, Head of Brand at Vision Express adds: “It is always really humbling to see our colleagues get personally involved with fundraising challenges. With quite a competitive network of colleagues, challenges like CHECT’s 2021 Squats are brilliant, fun ways to raise vital funds for a crucial charity partner.

“Dean has really showed an impressive personal commitment and we look forward to seeing how many squats he can pull out of the bag by the end of the year!”

You can support Dean with his challenge by donating through his JustGiving fundraising page.