Mum Annalise discusses what life is like for Violet after having her eye enucleated (removed) following her retinoblastoma diagnosis.
Violet (aka Queen V) is a very busy, confident and happy seven-year-old girl. Being diagnosed with retinoblastoma (Rb) at the age of four has not stopped her from achieving many goals.  Violet is a whizz at maths and is excelling within school life and auditioned for and successfully gained a lead role in the school Christmas production last year, and loved practicing for the role every day to ensure she knew all of her lines.
A typical week for Violet would consist of a number of activities including Brownies, swimming and gymnastics.  Violet’s enthusiasm for group activities is wonderful to see. Her other hobbies are riding her bike and skating, and Violet has enjoyed a skiing holiday.  Violet enjoys being artistic and loves creating pieces of art using all types of materials.  Violet has a strong appreciation for art and history and we visit galleries and museums when on school holidays and loves to visit her local library. This Summer she took part in ‘Ready, Set, Read’ challenge and read 6 books in just one day to complete the challenge and gain a certificate and medal. Violet is obsessed with dinosaurs too and loves the beach no matter the weather.
Violet has adapted to having a prosthetic eye so well and for over 12 months now has been taking her eye out independently to clean it and pop it back in with full confidence.  Violet doesn’t feel different to any other child in school and is very comfortable cleaning her eye if needed in the classroom with her eye pack which she takes with her.  Violet has a true zest for life and laughter which has been recognised by her Headmaster at school. She received a Headmaster’s Award for having such a positive and happy-go-lucky outlook on life.  Violet’s sense of humour is dry and beyond her years and she has a wonderful personality.  Violet loves a prank too and once took out her eye, placed it on the cat’s head and said “Salem I have my eye on you.”  Violet continues to grow and thrive like all other children her age regardless of a bump in the road back in January 2020 and undoubtedly she will continue to reach her goals.