Mohamed Abukhzaam, who had his eye enucleated aged three after being diagnosed with retinoblastoma, is now aged eight and has a strong love for poetry. Mum discusses his achievements and shares a poem that inspires him:

Mohamed has a poetry competition every year called the Poetry Slam, and he loves to participate in it.

Last year he surprised everyone and went to the last and final stage. This year he was reluctant to stand in front of everyone. Therefore, I promised him if he just tried, he will be the best and will be awarded whatever he likes. He has chosen VR Goggles – which are very expensive! Again he surprised everybody and reached the final stage after hot competition.

Mohamed has chosen this piece of poetry by Barbara Vance because he feels that it represents himself, and he likes the message that although life is full of ups and downs, we should always try and find the satisfactions in life:

Why Me? – Barbara Vance

If you have to ask Why me?
When you’re feeling really blue,
When the world has turned against you
And you don’t know what to do,
When it pours colossal raindrops,
And the road’s a winding mess,
And you’re feeling more confused
Than you ever could express,

When the saddened sun won’t shine,
When the stars will not align,
When you’d rather be
Inside your bed,
The covers pulled
Above your head,
When life is something
That you dread,
And you have to ask Why me? . . .

Then when the world seems right and true,
When rain has left a gentle dew,
When you feel happy being you,
Please ask yourself, Why me? then, too.

Barbara Vance