Megan shares with us her Rb story, and how why she decided she wanted to have a golden prosthetic eye.
I was diagnosed with Retinoblastoma at three-months-old, by the time I was one I had gone through six rounds of chemotherapy and cryotherapy, two blood transfusions and had my right eye removed.
Megan smiling with her golden artificial eye

I have never been embarrassed or felt weird for having one eye as I have no memories of not having it. I have been very lucky at school and throughout my life with everyone being so understanding or curious. I don’t necessarily hide the fact I have one eye, but I haven’t been obvious with it either!  I have been fortunate enough to always have such a brilliant prosthetics that unless people ask about why my eye doesn’t move, they don’t notice!

However this year, I had an idea to have something different, so when having my new mould done for my prosthetic I asked about different designs you could have, I never knew how many different designs can be done! So I did some research and found a beautiful golden design, it looked as though there was a glowing light in the eye.
I wanted to have something different to show how beautiful a disability can be, and to show how proud I am to be different. I really think more young people should have it advertised to them as I really think it could boost a lot of people’s confidence!