Our fab virtual London Marathon runner Hayley Richley wrote this brilliant poem about her experiences running the marathon. We have a small amount of spaces left, so if you’d like a space, please email fundraising@chect.org.uk


Marathon Mum

On a morning in October

In twenty twenty-one

A nervous mum, set off from home

With family, friend and son.

After months of diligent training

Through sun and wind and rain

The day had come, the time to run

For miles…and miles again.


Around the houses chatting

Setting pace and finding stride

With six miles done, a crowd had come

And more to join the ride.


With coastal views, a downhill stretch

A chance to rehydrate

To sunny sands and harbour arm

On time and not too late.


Passing fellow runners on the prom

With waves and nods and smiles

And ten miles in, a little grin

For ticking off the miles.


Drops of rain and a gentle breeze

Refreshing and enjoyed

Thirteen point one, half now done

Breathing focus now employed.


To Hythe and back, a flat, straight route

Supporters here and there

Some gels and drink, a chance to think

Sweat dripping from her hair.


On the final loop, the wind picked up

A shield of men was made

The final four, and a little bit more

Friends coming to her aid


One last gel to fuel the finish

And Amber by her side

The end in sight, she felt alright

And made her final stride


Across the line, with cheers and smiles

Great time and not too wrecked

Marathon mum, her goal was done

With thousands raised for CHECT!


By Hayley Richley