Jack Gwyther, 11, recalls a story which shows how his confidence with his prosthetic eye has grown.

It was a Saturday night when I went round my best friend’s 11th birthday party and there were 4 of us. We were all messing about in the living room playing on the Xbox’s we had all brought round.

I suddenly whispered into one friend’s ear, ”Should I take my eye out to scare them?”.  My friend obviously said yes because we wanted to see their funny reactions. One friend said he had lost his appetite, and I started chasing another – he started laughing, it was all a big joke.

However about 8 years ago it would take my mum, my dad, and the prosthetist to help take my eye out. I am now 11 years old and have a lot of confidence with my eye, taking it out and putting back in.  I find it really funny when I take my eye out and scare my friends. That’s one of the positives to having a prosthetic eye!