We spoke to Robyn, whose daughter Frankie recently had a new artificial eye fitted. She tells us about the experience:

“Last year on a regular check up with the National Artificial Eye Service, Frankie had really progressed quickly at taking her eye out for a clean that there was a lot of spare time left in the appointment. Frankie’s’ Ocularist had some new equipment that she hadn’t used on any child at that time and thought that she would give it a try on Frankie. It was a camera that took close-up photos of the seeing eye to capture the true colours and details within the eye.  The prosthetic was then made using the photos rather than guessing with existing coloured prosthetics and trying to get a close match. Frankie then had a new mould taken too as we still had left over time. When her new prosthetic came back, we were blown away! The quality and how realistic the eye looked was amazing. There was so much detail within the prosthetic it was a fantastic copy of her seeing eye. Her old prosthetic looked flat and dull and the colour wasn’t a perfect match. Frankie’s Ocularist really does go the extra mile in her appointments, always takes her time to comfort and listen to Frankie and taking on board any requests we put forward. Our experience with the National Artificial Eye Service has been extremely positive and with advancing technology it can only get better.”

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