Childhood memories shaped by retinoblastoma

Iain Riddell, lay member of CHECT’s Scientific Advisory Committee, reflects on how childhood memories are shaped by the realities of retinoblastoma... Among the mass of childhood memories rises the parental decision on a regular basis that an exciting...

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Using technology to fight retinoblastoma

Technology review: how the latest digital imaging technologies are joining the battle against retinoblastoma It’s difficult to imagine that, only five years ago, smartphones and apps were largely in their infancy – a far cry from their...

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Rb survivor is a sports star

After battling retinoblastoma as a toddler, Will Jubb, 19, really kicked cancer by realising his dream to become a semi-professional rugby player. His proud mum Clare tells us more...  Will was diagnosed with retinoblastoma in his right eye...

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Cancer survivor Kaydan’s a champ!

Four-year-old Kaydan Jacques has been given an award for his bravery after surviving childhood eye cancer. During a presentation at Vision Express in Bradford, Kaydan was named a CHECT Champion after his proud dad Christopher nominated him....

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Retinoblastoma: genetic testing

Dr Simon Ramsden and Dr Trevor Cole answer some of the most frequently asked questions about genetic testing in retinoblastoma… Why do we carry out genetic testing for retinoblastoma? Genetic testing is predominantly used to advise on the...

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Phil’s 4th marathon effort

Next month Phil Mills is running the London Marathon for CHECT after being inspired by his fiancée Miriam’s mum and sister, who were both affected by retinoblastoma… It’s his fourth London Marathon – and, he insists, his last – so Phil Mills is...

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After retinoblastoma – what happens next?

Dr Helen Jenkinson, a Consultant Paediatric Oncologist at Birmingham Children’s Hospital, highlights what retinoblastoma survivors and their families can expect from their long term follow up team… Every year in the UK around 40-50 children are...

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‘Our miracle baby has arrived’

Rachael Tuley no longer entertained the idea of having a family, until the love of her life appeared and changed everything. Rachael, who survived bilateral retinoblastoma as a child, tells her story… I was diagnosed with retinoblastoma at nine...

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