Donate £2 and help us trial the new simpler way to support CHECT!

This super quick gift option will transform the ways in which our supporters can donate. Simply scan the QR code on your smartphone and follow the instructions to make a £2 donation (you may need to enable QR codes in your camera settings). Your gift will come straight to CHECT, without having to download an app. You see exactly who you are paying and give your consent direct to your bank, via your own banking app – please rest assured that we do not receive your bank details.

And if you have a fundraiser planned why not trial your own bespoke QR code? Get in touch with diane.emery@chect.org.uk to set up your unique code for friends and family to donate to your event in an instant…

*BOPP is: ·

Regulated by the FCA ·

Licensed PISP and AISP

Want to share your feedback of BOPP? Let us know at: fundraising@chect.org.uk