Max Macara, 11, recently attended a Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust day. The Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust run sailing trips for children and young people who have, or have had, cancer.  Max reports what he got up to during the trip

I woke up in the morning, ready for an exciting day of fun at Whitemoor lakes. On arrival, I saw high ropes, canoes, a huge lake and sailing boats, I knew I would enjoy myself. My mum left me, and we all went indoors together.

After being introduced to each other, we put on spray tops and life jackets and headed over to the mini sailing boats. We chose our partners and pushed our boats into the water. I controlled the sail, and my partner controlled the rudder. It felt as if we going super fast on the boats, especially when we were towed by the life boat. I really enjoyed playing the game where the rubber ducks in the lake were worth different amounts of points. The team with the most points would win. Everyone raced for a duck; we rowed with the paddle and put the sail on the fastest setting. For our first duck, I tried to reach it but it went through the hole under the boat! However, the second time I did not let it slip through my hands, and in the end, we came second place. That was exhausting but lots of fun!

After sailing, we had some snacks and put on a harness. We were heading to the high ropes, where the instructor asked who wanted to go first. I immediately put my hand up and hopped onto the balance beam. I had to walk up a steep wooden log and then climb up to a high wire. I enjoyed the challenge of balancing at a great height and managed not to fall off (even though I would have been safe in my harness).

Soon, we moved onto ‘The Gladiator’. It was a series of dangling logs, ladders and tyres that you had to climb up in order to reach the wooden platform at the top. I found climbing the logs and ladders quite easy, but the tyres were hard to manoeuvre yourself through. After reaching the top, I felt proud of myself for doing it in a short time.

Finally, there was ‘The Leap of Faith!’ I had never managed to catch a trapeze before on a leap of faith, but I felt hopeful this time. I climbed up the ladder and when is reached the top, my adrenaline was rushing! I jumped as far as I could, and caught the bar! I was so happy, I was shaking from the excitement when I was lowered to the ground.

After a delicious lunch of pizza and chips, followed by a slice of chocolate cake. We put the spray tops back on and headed for the canoes. This time we were in threes instead of pairs. We had some rowing races, which were great fun! As it was such a warm day, we also lucky enough to be able to enjoy a muddy but relaxing swim in the lake. A little water fight too!!!

I had an amazing day out with the Ellen MacArthur Trust and really hope to be able to enjoy one of their sailing trips next year. If you get a chance to go then you should really take it. I met some new friends and I really enjoyed the fun challenges of the day.

If you are interested in a future trip, please get in contact with your support worker. You call Lesley 07471199809 or Sarah 07526594762 or email them at: support@chect.org.uk, but please note, these days have very limited spaces available.