Jacob Wright was 12 weeks old when he was diagnosed with bilateral retinoblastoma (eye cancer). He lost his right eye at diagnosis and has since lost most of the vision in his left eye. Now aged 8, Jacob is making huge strides in the world of judo – with hopes that he can make the Paralympics. 
 There are high hopes for Jacob, who began judo less than a year ago, from his coach who hopes that Jacob could one day be a Judo Paralympian. Jacob was also referenced by local news as a prospective Paralympian. Jacob’s Mum Charlene Wright says, “Jacob loves judo so I expect he’d be very happy with this!”.She explains, “Jacob started doing Judo when he was 7, he’s been going for just under a year now. He wanted to have a club to do like all of his friends. He couldn’t participate in regular group clubs like football, so because this was based on grabs, holds and close contact with just one partner, he really wanted to try it.”Jacob Wright with his belt

“As Jacob is visually impaired, Jacob is able to start a match holding onto his opponent which is a special rule for visually impaired children. He sometimes struggles to see the other players running towards him, or if they’re doing a fast paced group exercise, but he does his best to get involved with everything. All of his team mates are fantastic at helping Jacob out when needed.”

Charlenes adds, “Jacob has just achieved his 1st Mon in judo which is the first grading you can take after turning 8. He also won his first match in a team competition. Jacob now does two classes a week. There is some club competitions coming up that Jacob can’t wait to take part in.”

Jacob’s favourite part of judo is meeting new friends, and getting stronger.

Charlene explains, “It is a great sport for children of all needs, it’s very disciplined so helps the children learn to manage themselves and their emotions and to respect rules and boundaries and other children. And Jacob has so much fun and cannot wait for his next class.”

If you’ve been affected by retinoblastoma and want more information on how to safely partake in sports, please contact your Rb team, or our support workers Lesley and Sarah are also here to help. You call them – Lesley 07471199809/ Sarah 07526594762 or email them at: support@chect.org.uk