The Childhood Eye Cancer Trust (CHECT) is a registered charity dedicated to providing support to people affected by retinoblastoma (Rb). Some of our trustees and staff have experienced Rb first hand and know what a traumatic and frightening time it can be for the whole family when a child is diagnosed.

We work closely with the NHS retinoblastoma teams at the Royal London Hospital and Birmingham Children’s Hospital. These are the two UK centres where Rb is diagnosed and treated. We are fortunate to work with several corporate partners.

Rb is rare and little known about within the wider public so we aim to provide accurate, up to date information and one-to-one support from the point of diagnosis and beyond, aiming to minimise the negative impact of the condition on the whole family.

Early diagnosis is vital to ensure the best chances of preserving a child’s vision, and their life. We believe everyone should know that children can get cancer in their eyes and what the signs are, so we work hard to raise awareness of Rb. We target health professionals with information about this rare cancer, which can help them to make an early referral.

CHECT also raises funds to support and fund clinical and psycho-social scientific research projects specifically related to retinoblastoma.

We have a small but very passionate staff team of nine. Meet the team and get in touch HERE.